A good time was had by all at the STC Phoenix holiday celebration!

stc phoenix attendees

The attendees of the 2016 STC Phoenix holiday celebration.

The attendees of the holiday celebration were having so much fun networking and celebrating, 8 p.m. came and went at the Phoenix City Grille.

2016 (and 2017) Chapter President Lou Kummerer recognized chapter officers, volunteers, and presenters with a thank you card and honorarium.

Lou had some inspiring words to sum up the 2016 program year, posted below.

By any measure, 2016 was a successful year for the Phoenix chapter of the STC. We held 15 events with an average attendance of 14 people per event. Our seminars on intellectual property, DITA, Agile, and MacCap Flare were highly rated by the attendees. Fifty-four new members joined our Meetup site in 2016 and we’ve successfully recruited a number of new faces for supporting roles and elected positions. Financially, we operated within our revenue stream, ending the year as we began, with approximately $5000 in reserve.

As president, I want to acknowledge the contributions of the people who helped make 2016 a success.

First of all, a huge thank you to our executive members:

  • Kim Rosenlof, Immediate Past President, for her invaluable advice and assistance
  • Dr. Barry Maid, Vice-President, for providing operational support and for helping us make major inroads into area academic communities
  • Alisa Sever, Treasurer, for her discipline and diligence in keeping our finances in order

In addition, I would like to thank the following people:

  • Warren Johnson, LL.B, from Early Warning, for delivering the seminar “Intellectual Property in the Internet Age.”
  • Steve Ballard from Intel Corporation, and Joe Connolly and Paul Manago from NXP Semiconductors, for the many hours they spent developing and delivering the “DITA Hands-on Workshop.”
  • Miachelle DiPiano for photographic assistance at the Expose UX filming
  • Jeff Meisner and Alan Vickers, from the TriZetto Group, for their hard work and dedication in developing and delivering the seminar “The Tech Writer’s Role in Agile Development.”
  • Julie Anderson, from WorldatWork, for organizing and managing the fall barbeque
  • Dr. Erika Konrad, from Northern Arizona University, for facilitating and providing a venue for the seminar “An Overview of MadCap Flare.”
  • Steve Ballard and Andrew Soller, from Intel Corporation, for managing seminar logistic support with Intel.
  • Kim Rosenlof, from AeroInk, Inc, and Maggi Thickstun for their consistent, timely production of our newsletter
  • Rachel Houghton, from Rockwell Automation, for her herculean efforts in maintaining our website
  • Michelle Parcell, from Pitney Bowes Software for maintaining our job bank

Finally, I offer my sincere appreciation to all of you who have provided so much encouragement and support throughout the year.

My best wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy, and successfully 2017!