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About the STC Phoenix Chapter

The Phoenix Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) was established in 1963.  Managed exclusively by volunteers, the Phoenix Chapter strives to provide value and professional growth opportunities to its members and increase awareness about the field of technical communication to the Phoenix area community.  We are proud and honored to have received numerous awards over the years, including the Distinguished Chapter Service Award (DCSA), the Pacesetter Award, and the Community of Excellence Award.  In 2015, the Phoenix Chapter received the Community of Distinction award and the Most Improved Community Award. Some of the benefits of being an STC Phoenix Chapter member include the following:

  • local networking opportunities
  • local job listings and announcements
  • educational opportunities and presentations by leading professionals in the technical communication field
  • Metro Technical Communicators Meetup events on a regular basis at a discounted member rate
  • monthly STC Phoenix Chapter newsletter covering local, regional, and national technical communication news, topics, and events
  • volunteer opportunities within the STC Phoenix Chapter, STC, and the local community
  • and much more!

STC Phoenix Chapter Timeline

1963 • Chapter established

1973 • Averaged 50 members

early 1980’s • Arizona governor proclaims second week in October as Technical Communication week; tradition continues every year through 2014

1984 • Reached 100 members

1990’s • Sustained average growth rate of 26 members per year

1997 • Reached 350 members

2003 • Hosted Southwest Region STC Conference

2006 • Conducted several PAO competitions

2011 • Phoenix Chapter wins Pacesetter Award for more than a decade of participation in the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (AzSEF)

2013 • Established Metro Phoenix Technical Communicators Meetup to reach out to non-STC members

2015 • Phoenix Chapter receives Community of Distinction award and Most Improved Community award for our efforts to increase membership and host the 2014 STC Summit in Phoenix

2016 Chapter Officers

Lou Kummerer, President • president@stc-phoenix.com

Barry Maid, Vice President • vp@stc-phoenix.com

Alisa Sever, Treasurer • treasurer@stc-phoenix.com

2016 Chapter Volunteers

Rachel Houghton • Webmaster

Michelle Parcell • Job Bank Chairperson

Kim Rosenlof • Membership Chairperson

Note: We are currently seeking volunteers for the following opportunities:

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Hospitality Chairperson

If interested in either of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Lou Kummerer at president@stc-phoenix.com



  • Brenda Huettner
  • Thomas Barnett
  • Rachel Houghton (2016)

Associate Fellows


  • Kim Rosenlof

Distinguished Chapter Service Award (DCSA)


  • Miachelle DePiano
  • Jan Kruse


  • Miachelle DePiano
  • Jan Kruse


  • Jeff Rivers
  • Tim Slavin


  • Linda Glass Shacklock
  • Pat Markey (Southern Arizona)


  • Tim Eull
  • Chanda Child
  • Helen Marty (Southern Arizona)


  • Karen L. Zorn
  • Jane L. Smith


  • Katherine E. Graden
  • Gloria H. McConnel
  • Brenda P. Huettner (Southern Arizona)


  • Dana M. Osborne
  • Thomas P. Barnett
  • Judith B. McCabe


  • Aiessa M. Mayna
  • Maura F. Betler
  • Dirk J. Arnold (Southern Arizona)
  • Sarah T. Bonati (Southern Arizona)


  • Roberta J. McDermott
  • Valerie Jean Toliver
  • James L. Morgan


  • Carl Young
  • John P. Brinegar
  • Loretta G. Demarais-Brown


  • Debbi L. Gabriel
  • Jeff Hardy


  • Carleton R. Gotlieb
  • Freya Y. Winsberg
  • Thomas P. Barnett


  • Marian G. Barchilon


  • Thomas P. Barnett


  • Freya Y. Winsberg
  • Barbara J. Beard


  • Steven M. Cascone
  • Ellen D. Fenwick


  • Curtis J. Hundley

Pacesetter Award

Phoenix Chapter • 2011

Community of Distinction Award

Phoenix Chapter • 2015

Community of Excellence Award

Phoenix Chapter • 2008, 2009, 2014

Metro Phoenix Technical Communicators Meetup (MPTC)

The Metro Phoenix Technical Communicators Meetup is an informal group of technical communicators from across Phoenix and the surrounding areas. The MPTC meetup is affiliated with the STC Phoenix Chapter and meets regulary at various locations around the valley to chat about trends and issues related to technical communication. MPTC meetup events usually include a light meal, networking opportunities, job opportunity announcements, chapter meetings, presentations given by leading experts in the field, and more.

The price for these events includes the cost of your meal. Any dues or donations collected from this site will go directly to the STC Phoenix Chapter and may be tax deductible. You do NOT have to be an STC member to join or participate in these meetups. However, non-STC members will pay non-member pricing. For more information or to sign up for these meetups, please visit Meetup.com/metro-phoenix-technical-communicators.