Chapter Website Rebuild Project

Web Design

We have a wonderful, talented group of students and professionals who are rebuilding this website. 

Who’s Doing This?

This is a team effort that requires a variety of skillsets. The STC Arizona Chapter would like to recognize the following students and professionals (our Agile scrum teams) for their efforts:

Product Owners

  • Claire Nickell
  • Mark Mastaw
  • Mikayla Conner

Scrum Masters

  • Andrea Ausmus
  • Dominique Dixon
Scrum Team Members
  • Alexis Evangelista
  • Angel Martinez
  • Breanna Fitzgerald
  • Christine Forni
  • Danna Cardenas
  • Elizabeth Miotke
  • Emily Vollmer
  • Johnathon Best
  • Katherine Hannan
  • Mary Browning
  • Zachary Caputo

What’s Our Plan?

We’re analyzing, planning, and building together, step by step.

Some of the things we’re covering include:

  • Identifying our stakeholders. Who will use the site?
  • Creating user personas and scenarios. What are the backgrounds of our stakeholders, and what would they need from the website?  We’re creating personas for the following audience types:
    • Technical communication/user experience (UX) students
    • Technical communication/UX educators
    • Technical communication/UX professionals
    • Employers/hiring managers
    • STC officers/chapter members

Here’s  one of our persona examples:

Student Persona

Student Persona

  • Setting website feature and content goals. What features and content will we need to include in the website to meet the needs of our audience?
  • Conducting UX analyses (including a card sorting exercise). We’ll discuss our UX results in our planning and development sessions. 
  • Building the site in WordPress. We’re using WordPress as our website application, and all participants will have the opportunity to help develop the site as administrators. 
  • Testing the site for browser compatibility and responsive design. We’re going to make sure our theme and features work in all major browsers and device types. 
  • Replacing the current site at with the new one at Yes, we’ll have a new URL that better represents the chapter’s geographic region. 

How Will We Manage This?

We’re using the following tools to manage the project:


We’re using Slack to manage our group and team communications:


Slack Application

Agile Methodology and Trello Software

We’re using Agile methodology to manage our project in Trello software:

Trello Software

Trello Agile Board

When Will We Be Done?

To complete the project on time, we’re going to:

  • Work as scrum teams to complete our user stories in five monthly sprints (April 1–August 31).
  • Hold weekly standups (using Zoom webinar software, conference calls, etc.) to discuss our progress and goals for the next two weeks. 
  • Put the site online by August 31. Please mark your calendar. We’d love to get your feedback!